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Sheds, Mini Barns, Bunkhouses, and Cabins

Welcome to Spruce Grove Lumber

Where We Build Your Visions

Welcome to Spruce Grove Lumber. We are an Island business offering high quality products at reasonable and competitive prices.

We specialize in attractive outdoor sheds, mini barns, bunkhouses and cabins that are built to last.  Products are custom made and come in various sizes constructed from 100% Island White Spruce which are harvested and milled on site. 

Our Specialization

Standard features include an asphalt roof, board & batten or ship lap siding, pressure treated bottoms and custom doors.  Custom options will be available.  Delivery is included.

Our primary specialty is creating buildings that are made to last. Please take some time to go through our website and contact us if you have any questions. Spruce Grove Lumber looks forward to serving you right here on PEI.


The shed style buildings come with two shed venting windows. The options for siding are: board and batten shiplap siding ranch wall


Spruce Grove Lumber creates and builds larger buildings to use as secondary residences or as tourism accommodation.

Mini Barns

All sheds and mini barns are delivered in a natural wood state. Other upgrades and options are available such as steel roofing, bigger windows, etc...


Our cabins or bunkhouse make a great addition to property.

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